Gym Glamour


Hey guys! So in a follow up to yesterdays post about keeping cool, I thought it only made sense to follow up with a ‘keeping cool at the gym’ post. I take gym wear really seriously. I mean whilst getting all sweaty and huffing and puffing on the treadmill (yes, I don’t really go on a variety of machines/ I feel extremely comfortable on the good old treadmill), I might as well look stylish whilst doing it (well my gym wear and accessories look good post-gym- I can’t really say the same about my makeup/face). Originally, I used to style my gym wear with undertops which were not really made for exercising in, so I would feel quite uncomfortable during a workout (let’s not even discuss post-workout!). I was so relieved when brands like Modanisa and Capsters started catering specifically for the modest market.

Black Abstract Print Mesh Sports T-Shirt at NewLook (£12.99)

New Look, yes New Look, have quite a few ¾ sleeved mesh tops (not see-through at all) made for exercising in. Not only are they quite chic (I think the deep blue with black mesh is subtle but tasteful), they’re also quite affordable and available in a variety of colours. Now if you go to the gym regularly and don’t like to wear the same outfit, buy these in all the colours I say. The fitting of the top is loose and keeps any curves/lumps/bumps well hidden!

Black Slim Bootcut Leggings  at TK Maxx (£12) 

Yoga Pants. I could write a book on these things. They’re probably the best invention since oversized clothing. They’re so comfortable. They balance out the figure perfectly. I could sleep in them. Get fat in them (wait… maybe that’s a bad thing). But on a serious note, they hide the shape of your legs so well and don’t cling to any awkward parts of the body. I could always wear leggings (they’re available in so many gorgeous prints) but unfortunately not only do I not miraculously become Elle Macpherson when I don these (which is how the advertisements seem to make out/wear me and you’ll look like this), I also feel quite exposed as my gym tops are quite short. Yoga pants (isn’t pants an American word?) are the perfect answer for modest dressers. Invest in these and you’ll never look back.

Crystallised Nikes on Etsy (£125-£150)

I just love gym trainers (of course only at the gym). I do like to have a slightly unique pair of trainers. So why not opt for blinged out trainers?! I love anything shiny and crystals provide that sparkle which other stones can’t provide. I think the crystallised Nike tick gives the trainers extra elegance and is not over the top (yes, I believe things can have too many crystals!) If crystals are really not your thing there are also personalised florals etc. available on Etsy. Etsy is the most amazing website for personalised and creative items. If you like your things to be slightly unique then it really is the place for you.

Sweaty Betty Backpack (£75)

The gym bag is another statement piece where it’s difficult to find stylish options. This backpack by Sweaty Betty is gorgeous. It’s large enough to fit all your gym gear and the rose gold hardware just makes it even more appealing. Traditionally people take duffle bags to the gym and although this is a yoga bag, I don’t think it really matters if you use it for normal gym. As backpacks are still trending this season, you really can’t miss out on this truly stunning gym/yoga backpack. It’s so stylish, it actually motivates me to go to the gym (and trust me, I am difficult to motivate as the New Year resolution goes out of the window every year on 1st January!).

Capsters Runner Hijab (£20)

Gym hijabs are probably the most discussed gym gear right now. Companies like Nike have produced hijabs specifically for sporting women (thank you mainstream company for recognising hijabi women also workout!). I do love that they stay on your head and cover your neck (both problems which get brushed to the side mid-workout), but the Nike tick near the ear is quite unappealing. I like Nike and their logo, but I really don’t want it displayed on my hijab!! Luckily, companies like Capsters also produce exercise specific hijabs in a range of colours. As there are more options and styles I do prefer the latter company as my go to gym hijab.


If you have any questions or comments feel free to email or comment below.

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