The Biggest Elephant in Fashion



Hey everyone,

So it’s been a couple of days since I last posted. Just getting into the swing of Ramadhan (holy month where Muslims fast from dawn till dusk). I’m ridiculously counter-productive when I’m hungry, hence the lack of posts recently. Now that the month is well and truly underway, I figured it would be a good time to try and have some semblance of a normal routine. I’m writing this post fast break, so feeling quite tired/lazy and insanely full (maybe I shouldn’t have had that extra slice of cake…). Luckily I have the perfect outfit to cheer myself up.

Judy WU Structured Petal Skirt at Wolf and Badger (£485)

Yellow is probably the sunniest, happiest, most exciting colour in the world. The sun is yellow (I think/ well it looks yellow-orangey) and nothing makes me happier than the sunshine. Yellow is also this season’s IT colour (yes I claim I don’t care about trends but I still know what’s in fashion!). So this petal skirt is not only unique, but also a beautifully bold colour. It has an amazing structure and not really found in mainstream shops, which makes it even more desirable (who doesn’t love clothes that are trendy yet not easy to get hold of). It’s also very flattering as the excess material ensures that all beneath the skirt is well hidden (perfect for us modest fashion lovers). It’s also modest length (midi), so easy to pair with leggings etc.

Valentino Top at Harvey Nichols: (£375)
topshop shirt
Cutwork Shirt at TopShop: (£32)

This top features the most difficult to spell embroidery on the planet. Broiderie Anglaise (basically open floral embroidery) is everywhere right now. I love the feminine feel this embroidery gives to shirts and the delicate details it adds. The cutwork also makes it extra special as far as tops/blouses go. Now I’m aware this is a designer piece, but Topshop also have a similar equivalent for those of you fashionistas who prefer highstreet brands. This cropped shirt goes perfectly with the petal skirt as it sits just above it.

Vintage Chanel Bag on Etsy : (£796.74)

This bag is vintage. It’s Chanel. No commentary needed…

Grey Satin Heels at New Look: (£32.99)

I do love block shoes as they provide me a lot of support whilst I’m walking (I walk A LOT). These shoes are open from the front and I really don’t want to start picking bones with the fashion industry, but I was just wondering when anyone will ever address the HUGE elephant in the room. It has been really amazing to see high fashion/ couture finally embrace the existence of models above a size zero and actually employ models who are a more realistic size and produce garments catering to different sizes. Now, whilst we’ve come leaps and bounds in the clothing end, everything remains the same in the shoe department. I would stop reading right now if this doesn’t apply to you as you will simply not understand! Everytime I try on open shoes, pointy shoes, I feel like Cinderella’s ugly sister. I give a grimacing smile to the sales assistant when they ask if the shoes are ok. In reality the front of my feet are screaming in agony begging me to buy shoes that actually fit. You’re probably wondering why I’m buying shoes that are too small. I’m not. It’s just that I, along with thousands of other people, have wide feet. A fact casually ignored by high fashion time and time again. Is it because the shoes won’t look as pretty if they’re made for wider feet? I know there are quite a few companies that cater for wide feet but I can’t understand why it isn’t more mainstream. I think it should be a regular size just like we have for leg wear Petite/Regular/Tall. I dream of a day where wide feet shoes sit alongside normal sized shoes and when every shoe is available to a wide footed whinge like me!

2017-05-30 (2)
Silk Grey Chiffon Scarf at Lissome (£10.99)

Lastly, I’ve chosen a neutral scarf yet again. I really don’t think this skirt needs anything competing with it as it’s such a statement piece by itself. The scarf is chiffon so perfectly thin and light for the hot Summery days we seem to be getting. The pattern is understated, so perfect for this outfit.

If you have any questions or comments please email me or comment below. Please note: All links underneath the product will take you directly to purchasing the item.

Aneeq London




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