Is Black the New Black?

Hey Guys!

With the wedding season fast approaching (the most dreaded, yet exciting time of the year, as I really don’t know whether I love or hate weddings) I thought it was time to do an occasion wear post. I searched a number of hours and sifted through hundreds of outfits to select the perfect outfit (when it comes to occasion wear, I want it to be extra special and wearable to a number of occasions) and decided to do a haute couture vs upper high street, like for like comparison. Usually my eyes glaze over with the mention of things like budgets (who likes budgets?), but as I live in a world where budgets exist, it’s got to be done. I love to find outfits that give a similar feel to haute couture pieces, without paying the price tag.  I know that the quality/style and materials will be slightly different, but if they were exactly the same, the cost would also be the same!

Outfit A: Total Cost: £5116.90

Outfit B: Total Cost: £402.30 (Yes a less than a TENTH of the price)

erdem gown.jpg
Erdem Perry Gown at Matches Fashion: (£4,200)

Erdem breaks my heart every.single.time. They have the most wearable (for a modest girl) and exciting pieces on the catwalk. Unfortunately, they also have the price tag to match. This gown is a whopping £4,200. It’s in black (my favourite colour). Everybody loves black right? It’s elegant, simple, beautiful and most importantly the most figure flattering colour from the whole colour spectrum. I think nothing screams elegance louder then black (the LBD is iconic for a reason). I know black in Spring/ Summer may be an unusual choice for some, but I have been to plenty of occasions where it is raining (yes we live in the UK) and as Karl Largerfield put it ‘You can never be underdressed or overdressed with a little black dress’. Also a huge number of weddings are indoors, where, within the venue even a thunder storm could pass by unnoticed (I guess they’ve been built like that because of our unpredictable weather). Now if I had £4,200 to spend on a single outfit I would purchase this in a heartbeat (that song by Gwen Stefani ‘Rich Girl’ comes to mind ‘if I had all the money in the world…’/ Do I sound old for remembering that song?).

full outfit 2
Thread & Needle Skirt and Top available at Net-A-Porter (£270)

Unfortunately, until my circumstances change (I’m not being ungrateful, I am extremely lucky and have a lot) I shall stick to the skirt and top from Thread and Needle. They’ve featured in my posts before as I absolutely love the embroidery they skilfully put on their tops. I absolutely love this outfit. It has floral embroidery firmly putting it in the Spring/Summer bracket. This outfit is also in black (did I mention it’s my favourite colour?) It also has unique details and is, in itself is a showstopper and stunning for any occasion. The best thing about this ensemble is that it is also affordable (ridiculously so in comparison to the Erdem gown) so is accessible to all!

Stacy Chan Sophie Clutch Bag: (£445)

Stacy Chan probably produces the cutest clutches ever. I love this black cracked gold clutch. It’s elegant without taking anything away from the gown. It’s also quite unique.

2017-06-03 (2).png
Dune Emberrs: (£52)

This embellished Dune clutch is also a showstopper for any occasion and comes without the hefty price tag that the Stacy Chan clutch carries.





Jimmy Choo has the most beautiful shoe collection available. This Romy heel has dazzling glitter and the perfect heel size for any gown. The shade of gold on this particular pair of heels complements the bag and dress perfectly. Office produce a similar gold glitter shoe for a fraction of the price of the Jimmy Choos. It has a similar appearance and gives the same unique look.

2017-06-03 (3)
Inayah Dusty Pink Linen Blend Hijab: (£21.90)

Lastly, I picked out the same hijab for both outfits. This lovely Inayah Hijab is the perfect shade of nude for these black dresses. The hijab also lightens up both outfits and is perfect for the warmer months.

Would you wear black to a Spring/Summer occasion? I would love to hear your views or comments. Feel free to email or post in the comments below.

Aneeq London


2 Replies to “Is Black the New Black?”

  1. I think the Black is so elegant and lovely (I prefer outfit B by the way) and you’re not only ready for the wedding but the post-dinner party, too
    I once decided to year black to a wedding but didn’t at the last minute – social pressure
    if you do I think you’ll be widely applauded not just for looking stunning but for being brave, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tracy for commenting. I agree wearing black to a summer wedding may be a bit daunting! But honestly,it’s worth it as it makes such a statement! It’s funny a lot of people prefer outfit B which shows haute couture doesn’t necessarily mean more preferable!


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