Kids Say the Unfunniest Things


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This incident reminded me of the TV show, where children would make funny comments in response to Micheal Barrymore’s questions (whatever happened to him?).

On one of our regular shopping trips (which usually consist of the husband rushing me in and out of every shop and the toddler kicking up a fuss in the pram), I decided to browse the makeup aisle calmly, ignoring all the irritable looks, from a very hungry and tired man (the husband).

My daughter (who is two) was sitting calmly, a nice change from the usual terrible tantrum demands we face every single time we go shopping (I want raisins/biscuits/crisp etc.). One staff member was casually stacking the shelves nearby minding his own business when my daughter pointed her chubby finger towards him and exclaimed ‘man.ugly’. Assuming I had misheard, I asked her to repeat herself. Still pointing, she shouted ‘MAN.UGLY’ (there was absolutely nothing wrong with the way he looked). Praying the man hadn’t heard I quickly shushed her to which she shouted even louder ‘Mummy MAN UGLY!’ At this point my husband and I were absolutely mortified. The staff member turned around and muttered ‘Charming!’ We apologised profusely secretly wishing the ground would swallow us up there and then. He was extremely generous claiming his children come out with worse things. I couldn’t believe she came out with such negative words especially since we foster a positive environment at home.

On a more positive note, how adorable is the gingham top available at Zara. Perfectly on trend with the gingham and frills!

Have your children ever embarrassed you in public?

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22 Replies to “Kids Say the Unfunniest Things”

    1. Oh my. It must have been mortifying at the time but seems very funny now! Children really do say the msot embarassing things. Thank you for your comment Colette. It made me laugh!


    1. Oh wow!I would have found it funny and embarassing at the same time! My husband on the other hand probably would have just found it funny! Thank you for commenting and have a great day!


  1. Haha! Ah yes! We worry so much about our children…are they talking enough, developing correctly? I have 4 talking (5 total), and all but 1 (so far…one of them is only 3 months old, no data there yet!) have started talking “early”. My youngest boy has had a bit of a delay…he talks, but not in any language we can understand…he’s seeing a speech therapist at the end of the month. But, once they do start talking, sometimes you just wish they’d stop! My two oldest girls (6 and 8) still talk about people we see out and about, or ask questions REALLY loudly that aren’t really appropriate. You’d think they’d be growing out of that by now!


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