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Hey everyone,

I’ve finally managed to put together a small free printable for you (links below)! Every single year, come Christmas time, I would look enviously at the wide range of advent calendars available. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I found nothing more exciting then opening a window every single day and enjoying that one piece of chocolate (any excuse to eat extra chocolate). In school the child who would behave exceptionally would be chosen to open that window. I’d pray every single day that would be me (such simple wishes as a child!). As I got older I realised that actually there is a way to bring this (childish? I’m not sure. I’m a big kid at heart) excitement into my own life. I googled Ramadan calendars (using my young daughter as an excuse to buy one) and found the selection to be extremely limited (especially in the UK). As always, I realised I’d left it far too late. I attempted to buy a few, but anything I liked was either out of stock or extremely pricey for a children’s calendar (£100? Really Etsy?!!). I’ve listed a few of the ones available online below.

godiva calendar
Godiva Ramadan Calendar at Selfridges: £40

A gorgeous calendar visually and filled with amazing chocolate. But my daughter is two and I seriously doubt her palate will understand or appreciate the chocolate (it’s all the same to her) and it was out of stock so it clearly was not meant to be.

Ramadan calendar

Also available from Amazon (Handmade Felt Ramadan / Eid Hanging Countdown Calendars – Purple w/ Crescent Moon“>here). I thought this was cute and reusable. It was also well priced. I wasn’t so keen on the shade of purple (didn’t really go with my theme) and it was out of stock when I tried to order it. Luckily it’s now back in stock a little too late for me though.

Screenshot_2017-06-10-19-36-42 (2).png
Handmade Box Calendar at Simas Boutique: £unknown

I also really admired this calendar but surprise surprise. It was also out of stock.

After a while I decided enough was enough. It was time to harness those skills I gained from putting up endless children’s displays in school. Seeing a DIY advent calendar I liked on Google Images, I decided to attempt a modified replica. The featured image is the result.

Made by me!

Now, this calendar was extremely simple to make. All it involved was a little bit of cutting and gluing. I am not very crafty (I’m a left-handed girl living in a right-handed world!) but aside from the cutting (I dislike cutting/ I’m well-known for not being able to cut paper straight) the rest of the calendar is easy to assemble. I’ve included all the links of where to purchase each item from (all from Ebay/Amazon) if you want to copy the exact look.

What You Need:

  1. Sweet/Candy Bags (I purchased 50 in total/ The amount you need depends on how long your title is and the number of days you require it for)
    Pink And Gold Striped Bags: (Ebay/Amazon)
    Grey Bags: (Ebay/ amazon)
    Other Colours: (Ebay/Amazon)
  1. Mini Wooden Pegs (30 or less again depending on the number of days)  (Ebay/Amazon )
  2. Strong Twine: (Ebay/Amazon)
  3. Blu-tack: (Ebay/Amazon)
  4. Sticky Dots: (Ebay/Amazon)
  5. Glue Stick: (Ebay/Amazon)
  6. A printer to print out the attached documents (they contain the letters and numbers you will need) & the good deed slips.
  7. Scissors
  8. Chocolates or any other small treat.

How To Assemble:

  1. Print out the templates and cut out. (Numbers Calendar/ Welcome Ramadan Text/ Good Deeds Slips)
  2. Fold all the bags to an equal size.
  3. Stick the numbers and letters on the relevant bags with a glue stick. You can change it up however you want.
  4. Find a large bare wall and mount the title with blue tack. (This takes roughly 1.5metres)
  5. Cut 2 x 1.5m of thick twine and mount one on the wall underneath the title using glue dots (so there are no visible marks).
  6. Start with putting a treat in each bag with a good deed slip and place blu-tack behind the bag and mount to the wall as shown in the picture.
  7. Place a peg on each bag once it is mounted to the wall to give the washing line effect.
  8. Repeat underneath for the second piece of twine!
  9. Open the relevant bags everyday and replace back on the wall until the month is over.
  10. Take down carefully and store for use in future years.

Now this calendar is not exclusive for use in Ramadan. If you have any special occasion you want to countdown to such as a wedding, Christmas, wife/girlfriend appreciation calendar (hint hint to the husband!) etc. all you have to do in adjust the lettering and numbers in the template and fill the bags with the goodies you want (eg. your own beauty calendar!).

Free Printable Templates: Numbers Calendar/ Welcome Ramadan Text/ Good Deeds Slips

Please note: The good deeds slips have been modified from

If you need help or have any questions or comments, feel free to email me or leave a message below.

Aneeq London

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