Am I a size SIX (UK)?!


Hey guys,

I hope you’re having a great week. Can I just say, I’m absolutely loving the return of the sunshine and the new stock that has come into all the retailers. Recently, I’ve been spoilt for choice. Today I’ve chosen an outfit that matches our lovely blue skies and my mood (which is happy yet melancholic/ more about that below).

2017-06-11 (2)
Black Embroidered Mesh T-Shirt at River Island (£32)



These embroidered tops that every shop seems to have are just stunning. I love embellishment/ embroidery or anything that adds interest to a top. It’s largely black (my favourite colour) with little pops of pastel blue and khaki. It’s perfect for a casual sunny day and extremely comfortable in the heat. Just layer with a kimono if you find the length too short. It’s also quite wearable through the seasons so it won’t look dated a few months/years down the line.

2017-06-11 (3)
Pleat Front Culottes at Asos (£28)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve become quite culotte obsessed recently. They look good with practically any top. They’re wide legged and comfortable. They come in every colour and in every size. Which brings me to my latest gripe.

Whenever I go shopping, the part I dislike most is trying on the clothes. It’s time consuming (there’s always a queue for the dressing rooms when I’m shopping) and I know how it’s going to  look, I’m sure, because I can visualise myself in the item (not really, just an excuse not to try it on/ it feels so much better to try it on at home). However, sighing I pick up what looks roughly like my own size and try it on anyway. Perfect fit! I knew it (just wasted my time in that queue)! My hands started trembling. My brain was unable to comprehend the number written on the tag. My eyes blurred. Was I really wearing a size 6? Had I lost a drastic amount of weight without realising? Maybe I should weigh myself. Or try to get into that pair of jeans which were just a little too snug a few weeks ago. Maybe I should just have a doughnut to celebrate. Actually why not just buy a whole cake? Quickly purchasing the item I made my way to another shop. I should buy the dress I’ve been eyeing up for weeks but holding back, until I deserved it. Becoming a size 6 means I definitely deserve it. But hold on, why doesn’t this size 6 fit? And the size 8? And the 10? Am I a size 12? All thoughts of fresh cream cakes were out of the window. I hadn’t lost a single pound. The jeans were still too snug. I was merely a victim of vanity sizing. A cruel trick designed to make me think I was a smaller size. What is the point of lying to me about my size? I can never understand the fashion industry’s mentality when it comes to vanity sizing. It only makes the shopping experience a hundred times more confusing. How can I be four different sizes in four different shops?! With the increase in online shopping it would make sense to unify the sizes between the shops because we don’t have the luxury of trying it on before purchasing.

chloe marci
Chloe Marcie Mini at Net-A-Porter: (£575)


Only a cute Chloe bag could lighten the sizing blues. This mini Marcie is perfect for any casual outfit and the colour is versatile so you can wear it everyday. Definitely worth an investment if you like mini bags.

Aldo Brogue
Aldo Clarencea loafers: (£41.98)

How stylish are these loafers from Aldo? I love the clean cut and pointed toe. The colour is perfectly neutral so completely wearable with a number of outfits. They’re also on sale so get yours now!

2017-06-11 (6)
Pale Blue Tonal Hijab at Inayah: (£12.90)

A perfectly coloured hijab to finish this outfit off. Crepe is perfect for Summer due to its thin and light texture. It’s also a lovely fabric to style (especially that pointy style everyone seems to be doing nowadays/no idea what it’s called).

That’s it for today. What do you think of vanity sizing? If you have any comments/ queries/ questions, feel free to email me or write in the comments below.

Aneeq London


4 Replies to “Am I a size SIX (UK)?!”

  1. It’s so difficult isn’t it, never knowing what size to go for especially when you don’t have the patience or the time to try things on. If everyone used the same guide it would be a whole lot easier!

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